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Best Affordable All Leather Waterproof Hiking Boots


Featuring an all leather upper and three-speed lacing design, Itaska Federal Hiking Boots have a waterproof, breathable membrane. Plus, aggressive traction on the outsole makes the Federal ideal for those rugged treks across rocky, wet terrain. Watch the video below to learn more.


This is the Itaska Federal Hiker. This hiker here is packed with an all leather, full-grain upper. It does have a waterproof, breathable membrane. And just like the last one that I spoke to, it is waterproof and breathable right up to where it is actually sewn through the gusset, and it has actually stitched into this upper which in this case is right going along where my finger is.


It does have the three-speed lace quick lacing design to it, upgraded hardware for durability, and a very very aggressive traction rubber outsole on there.


Again, seems like a feature on a hiker that everybody is looking for of this caliber is that waterproof breathable, membrane to it. Again, the Itaska Federal Hiker.

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