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Best Solar Energizers You Can Set & Forget | Gallagher S200 and S400 All in One Solar Energizers


North 40 Outfitters is discussing the Gallagher S200 and S400 all in one solar energizers at the 2018 Mid-States show in Minneapolis, MN.

Ideal for multiple power options such as wildlife and livestock applications, these solar energizers replace Gallagher’s R100-200-300 series. Durable and made to last, the S200 and S400 come with a 12V batteries and leads. This means you can turn it on and forget. The Energizer will continue to work for up to three weeks without sun.


Good morning. Today we're at the Mid-States buying show here, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My name is Dane Headley with Gallagher. I am the territory manager for Minnesota, Wisconsin. Here we have our two new units. This is the S200 and S400. We just released these about a month and a half ago. Very, very nice units. These are replacing our B100, B200, and B300s. As you can see here this is a two Joule fencer as well as this is a four Joule fencer. We have moved to a three year warranty on all our fencers. That's including all of them across the board. This is compared to, really nobody else has that on the market as far as a full fencing three year warranty especially with the solar line.

These came out with a 12 volt battery, that's included. Also, these has two 12 volt batteries, kind of a different thing of them. This one here will do up to 45 miles on single wire, 160 acres, also on dual wire, 14 miles, 90 acres. This one, as you can see is our bigger unit. This will do 60 miles, 280 acres or 20 miles, 120 acres. All these units will sit on a t-post, 360 degrees, highlighted there. Also, you can see that they have dual mode. So this will actually have that animal ... livestock mode and then wildlife mode.

So if you're having problems with chickens getting attacked by coyotes, coons, or whatever those animals are more nocturnal so they're gonna be more active at night. We're gonna put that on the wildlife mode so that's gonna pulse fast day and night. Then we can switch it over to livestock mode which that drops the pulse at nighttime to save battery. These models here do come with all the batteries, everything you need to get this set up for you. Very, very nice units. Main difference, this one's a two Joule, this one's a four Joule.

This one comes with two 12 volt batteries and then also this has two solar panels on here. So if there's any vegetation growing up on that fence or around the fencer itself, this top one will be able to charge those two 12 volt batteries, vice versa. So this one just has a single solar watt panel, this one has a double. Main differences right there. Very, very nice units as far as durability, longevity for your fence.

They're gonna be great for rotational grazing or way out where there's no electricity to use those. Yeah, thanks for watching.

What really stands Gallagher apart with these two models is there's really nobody else in the marketplace with these bigger units in a solar panel. What's really unique is they come with 12 volt batteries inside of them so you're not have to go out and purchase deep cycle batteries. They're all included.

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