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Chicks Arriving at North 40 Outfitters

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It’s that time of the year—our North 40 stores are about to fill with a little extra noise and bustle, and you’re sure to hear a chirp or two when wandering the aisles. That’s because—you guessed it—the chicks are coming to North 40 Outfitters, beginning at our Spokane, Washington location in mid-February.

Chose your local North 40 location from the list below for arrival dates

Chickens in Idaho

February 16th: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

February 21st: Lewiston, Idaho

February 21st: Ponderay, Idaho

Chickens in Washington

February 14th: Spokane, Washington

February 28th: Mead, Washington

February 20th: Colville, Washington

March 7th: Omak, Washington

March 1st: Moses Lake, Washington

Chickens in Montana

March 1st: Havre, Montana

March 6th: Great Falls, Montana

Each North 40 store will offer a variety of popular chicken breeds to choose from, including the ever-popular white leghorn and the ultra-efficient and easy-to-raise Rhode Island red.

*Arrival dates and availability could change on a daily basis at each store, so play it safe and call ahead if you’re looking for a specific breed. See our list above for locations and available breeds.

Raising chickens for meat and eggs is an extremely efficient and healthy way to offset your grocery bill while teaching your family where food really comes from. The first step in your own “how to raise chickens” adventure begins at North 40 Outfitters.

Please Note: If you just want to bring your kids to experience the fun and magic of chicks, you’re completely welcome at North 40 Outfitters.

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