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What Type of Fencing is Recommended for my Pasture, Corral, Yard?

Get out and get to work! When it comes to fencing that’s a good place to start. With a little sweat equity, fencing sets boundaries. It keeps animals in and predators out. It can encompass entire ranches or just protect the vegetable patch in the backyard. Whatever it’s needed for, fencing has many uses. That’s why in our Fencing Section we make it easy and break it down for you.


The type of fencing you’ll need to use for your pasture, corral, or yard, depends. If you're fencing your yard, you’ll want to know your decorative fencing options. However, if you're fencing animals you may want to go with field fencing, or no-climb fencing.


Video Transcription

What Type of Fence is Recommended for my Animals?

Good morning. My name's Chris Headstrom. I work at the Great Falls North 40, back at the farm desk.


You know it really depends on what you're using it for. Do you want something decorative? There's a lot of different options. You can go with wire panels with maybe some ... what we call a half rail. What kind of pets do you have? Do you have some, maybe smaller pets? You need the holes in your wire to be smaller so they can't crawl out. That's a factor.

What is Good Fencing for Horses?

If you're gonna have, for your ... like your corral, is it gonna be used for cattle or horses? Do you wanna match existing stuff? We sell a lot of field fence or no climb fence. A lot of it's similar, but it's different. The field fence is a longer roll. It's got smaller squares at the bottom and it gets bigger as it goes up. Some people don't like that for horses 'cause it's got big enough squares they can get a foot through. Then they would go with what we call no climb fence or Max 50, which is similar but the holes are consistent in size. They're a two by four inch square all the way up, where the field fence starts smaller and gets bigger as you go up.


Thanks for watching. If you have any further questions on fencing, please come visit us at any of our retail locations or North40.com.

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