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How do I Maintain my Lawn?

Kentucky Blue. White Dutch Clover. Perennial Rye. When it comes to creating a picture-perfect yard, it can actually take a couple of years. But, don’t let that put you off. Learning the easy steps it takes to produce a beautiful, lush lawn is really doable, and we can get you headed down the right path.


In our Grass Seed Section, you’ll learn how to seed your lawn from scratch and how to maintain it. We’ll also explain how you should handle those bare spots that Fido is so good at making. It’s all doable. So, roll up your sleeves and dig in.


Each season has its own tasks for ensuring your lawn is well maintained and looking great. For example, in the early spring, you’ll want to begin mowing and overseed any bare spots, while in the fall you’ll want to keep your lawn raked and free of debris. Watch the video below to learn more.


Video Transcription

How do I Maintain my Lawn?

Hi. I'm Jesse, and I'm a category manager with North 40 Outfitters. Today we're going to answer a question about how do we best maintain our lawns? Our friends at Gady's Farms recommend the following.

Early on in the spring, as soon as necessary, you want to begin mowing if needed, depending on how your spring is developing. You also want to at that time identify and overseed any bare spots to get an early start. As spring develops, and we get further into spring, you want to look at applying a pre-emergent herbicide, dethatch if necessary, and apply a slow release fertilizer, and also at that time in the spring start to watch for insects, so that you can look to treat as appropriate.


Maintaining Your Lawn During the Summer Months

As we move from spring into summer, we're going to look to raise our lower blade to a higher level, water as needed, keeping plenty of moisture within your lawn, and apply a post-emergent herbicide wherever you've identified those issues that need to be treated. As we move into early fall, lower the mower deck to have a closer cut to your grass, fertilize, sow, or reseed for new lawns, or overseed for any existing areas that you want to improve the thickness or any bare spots that need to be worked on.


Heading into Fall Lawn Care

As we are full into fall, what we want to do is continue to mow as needed. Remember that a sharper blade will give a nice, healthy, and a good looking cut to your lawn. Fertilizes if your lawn is still green. Look to apply a broad-leaf herbicide. If you should have any issues identified with weed still growing, and then look to make soil amendments, or do a soil test. Keep your lawn raked, and free of debris as much as you can, as you're going from fall into the winter months when your grass will become dormant and your lawn will go into a dormant period.


All right, everybody, thanks for watching this video. If you have any more questions about lawn care, be sure to check us out at, or any one of our retail locations.

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