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How do I Seed my Lawn?

Kentucky Blue. White Dutch Clover. Perennial Rye. When it comes to creating a picture-perfect yard, it can actually take a couple of years. But, don’t let that put you off. Learning the easy steps it takes to produce a beautiful, lush lawn is really doable, and we can get you headed down the right path.


In our Grass Seed Section, you’ll learn how to seed your lawn from scratch and how to maintain it. We’ll also explain how you should handle those bare spots that Fido is so good at making. It’s all doable. So, roll up your sleeves and dig in.


For any lawn planted from seed, you can expect germination in one to three weeks. This will depend on the variety used, temperatures, and sufficient watering. Keep in mind though, it takes two to three years to see a picture-perfect lawn. Watch the video below to learn more.


Video Transcription

How to Seed Your Lawn

Hello everybody I'm Jesse from North 40 Outfitters and I'm a category manager for our team. Today we're going to talk about grass seed. One of the first things we're going to talk about it is, how do I seed my lawn?


When seeding your lawn there's a number of different things, you can expect your germination to take between one- and three-weeks time period. But of course, that's going to depend on a number of different variables. Meaning; the variety of the seed, the temperature, how sufficient your watering is. And one other important thing to know is that it is definitely going to take between two and three years to get a picture-perfect lawn with a lot of hard work in between that time.


The Proper Steps to Take for a Green Lawn

Our friends at Gady's Farms recommend the following. One, dig or till the desired area that you're going to work up to a three-inch depth. Two, rake and remove any clumps, any clods, any bunches. You want to get that racked out and smoothed out. Number three, smooth and level the surface where you're going to plant your seeds. Remember to include any contours that are needed for extra drainage, so that your seed does not become oversaturated. Four, add a compost, topsoil and starter fertilizer and begin working that into the soil. After you get done working that into the soil, roll over that area with a weighted lawn roller, for best performance.


Six, spread the seed. Sowing half the seeds in one direction and then coming back over on the other half, at a right angle to your first application. Seven, go over one more time. Rake and roll the area again. Eight, add a mulch. Straw will work as well. Nine, water frequently to keep the seeds moist. But don't over-saturate and be sure not to over-water too much at one time, it may wash your seed away. And lastly, 10, mow the grass when it reaches about two and a half to three inches, using a sharp blade with your mower will help give a nice healthy finish as well. And after it's been mowed three times, go back to a regular watering schedule of around one inch per week, depending on your location.


All right, everybody, thanks for watching this video. If you have any more questions about lawn care, be sure to check us out at, or any one of our retail locations.


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