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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Beehive?

Whether you’re looking to increase the robustness of your garden or you’re harvesting the honey flow, when you’re dealing with thousands of bees, you have to pay attention. Bees are sophisticated. (One glance into the core of a nest and you can see the layers of organization and the strategy it takes to build it.) At the same time, however, with some planning and research, bees are also really manageable, and we can help you get started.


The startup cost for going into beekeeping can vary, but keep in mind, once you spend the initial investment, you likely will not have to spend that again as you will already have the tools and equipment you need. In this video, we discuss the cost it takes to get started in beekeeping.


Video Transcription

Basic Beekeeping Costs

All right, let's break down what it costs to start a beehive. So on top of the woodenware, the beekeeping kit that you start out with, you're going to need your hive tool, your frame gripper, your smoker, bee brush, gloves, suit, all those things, plus a couple more boxes to finish off your beekeeping kit. It's going to cost you about $650 to start from scratch.


If you want to start another set of hives you obviously don't have to re-buy the tools so you won't have that expense again and again and again. You'll just have the cost of the woodenware.


The Potential to Pay for Itself

Another nice part about beekeeping is that it's a hobby that can actually pay for itself. So, a typical hive, if it produces well, can probably pay for itself in about two to three years.


If you have any more questions about beekeeping, or you're looking to start your own hive and get some equipment, go to or visit any of our locations.

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