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How Much Honey Can I Expect to Get From My Beehive?

Whether you’re looking to increase the robustness of your garden or you’re harvesting the honey flow, when you’re dealing with thousands of bees, you have to pay attention. Bees are sophisticated. (One glance into the core of a nest and you can see the layers of organization and the strategy it takes to build it.) At the same time, however, with some planning and research, bees are also really manageable, and we can help you get started.


The amount of honey you can expect to get from your beehive is going to depend on many factors. In this video, we explain how factors like environment, hive health, and winter stores can determine the amount of honey you can get from a hive.


Video Transcription

How Much Honey Can You Expect

One of the great parts of beekeeping is honey, of course. And everybody wants to know, "How much honey will I get from my hive?" And I'm here to tell you there is no one answer.


It's always going to depend on a bunch of different variables. One of them being mother nature, how much is provided with your local food sources. That being how many different types of flowers you have and how much abundance and what kind of moisture you have in your area. All those things make a big difference on how much honey you're going to get. Also, the health of your hive is going to really dictate how much honey you get from a hive.


Environmental Factors

As I mentioned, environmental factors play a lot into how much honey you get out of a hive. One year, this particular hive I got over 400 ounces of honey. It was a great year, lots of moisture, good forage. The very next year, we went through a really long drought and I got no honey out of this particular hive. So, as you can see, good year, bad year, it's just all going to depend on the environment.


If you have any more questions about beekeeping, or you're looking to start your own hive and get some equipment, go to or visit any of our locations.

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