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How to Make Tasty Saltine Crackers



Available in a variety of different flavors such as; Cinnamon Sweet, Sweet Bar-B-Q, and Garden Dill, Savory Fine Foods Saltine Cracker Seasoning transforms regular saltine crackers into delicious party crackers. However, if you don’t want to mix and make anything, Yo-Yo’s Grab and Go Snacks are ready to eat.


Hi, I’m Dave Ferguson with Savory Fine Foods. We are new to the show this year and just wanted an opportunity to share with you what we have.


We’ve been doing a saltine cracker seasoning for about eight years now and our newest product is a graduation to those customers that don’t want to make anything. So, it is a prepackaged, ready to go, grab and go snack. Those are called the Yo-Yo's.


It is our seasoning placed on oyster crackers and we have five different flavors of it. We have two different sizes, a personal size served in pub boxes, and then the party size which can stack on the shelf.


We have six flavors in our original seasoning. The only one that is not on our Yo-Yo’s is our cinnamon toast, soon to be coming to the Yo-Yo’s lineup.


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