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Savage Gear 3D Burbot Fishing Lure Review


I recently had the opportunity to test out Savage Gear's 3D Burbot on a small lake I know holds a few Tiger Musky. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with this soft lure. It took one cast to be exact.

After my buddy had pounded the shoreline with a black spinnerbait, I thought it was time to toss the burbot. As if he didn't ridicule me enough on the drive to the lake for buying this insane lure, he had to get in one last jab as I prepped to throw the burbot.

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"That lure is ridiculous. I will be surprised if you catch anything with it." I throw this chunk of chartreuse meat against the shoreline, give the reel a couple cranks, and what do you know FISH ON! "It's a small Tiger! It's a small Tiger!"

I wanted that fish to be a Tiger Musky so bad. The fish of 10,000 casts caught on 1.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! What a story to tell around the campfire.


As the fish neared closer and closer, I soon realized it was a 2.5 lb. Largemouth Bass. I have never been as excited... and disappointed, at once. However, 50 yards down the shoreline, and I'm hooked up again.

It's always a great day when I get to exclaim my favorite saying "Get the net!" Simply put, I was BLOWN AWAY by the way this lure swims, and how it performed. I didn't hook any Tigers, but I did hook a few hearty Largemouth Bass in the process.

I describe this lure as being beautifully constructed by a fisherman for fisherman (the acronym? BFF).

Rigging on the Savage 3D Burbot Lure


Lets start with the rigging. The paperclip-like hook eye slips through the burbot's head and clips into place for stability and to insure a sturdy hook set every time. The hook-eye is attached to a barrel swivel which holds the shank that carries the hook.

Along the shank there is a 1/2 inch barb that slips into a small hole on the underside of the burbot to hold everything in place. Once the fish is hooked, the shank with hook pulls free, and separates the toothy fish from the bait. Now THERE'S some fisherman innovation for ya.

Movement in the Burbot is Savage... Attracts Birds, too

Now lets talk about the bait itself... It swims like no other bait I have seen. The day I fished this lure, I had multiple Ospreys hang above the burbot, contemplating whether or not it would dive. And that is not an exaggeration.

The tail spirals in an irresistible eel-ish style that even fooled my friend. "Dillon, look at this fish!" The pectoral fins flap uncontrollably and the whiskers vibrate to create even more commotion.


The lure sinks at approximately 10 inches per second, and falls head first fins fluttering and all. This is a perfect lure to steadily reel in, or reel then let it fall. I confidently fished this burbot anywhere from 30 feet to 3 feet.

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If you are fishing for Pike, Musky, or apparently bass, throw a Savage Gear 3D Burbot. You will out fish your buddies.

If you have any questions about this lure, use the form below and reach out to us. We'll work to get back to you in 24-hours.

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