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Savage Gear, Savage Strikes: New Fishing Lures Reviewed

When I was first introduced to Savage Gear, we were fishing a local lake here in North Idaho. To say the least, I was more than impressed.

Unlike my normal fishing schedule of waking up at 4:00 and being on the water at 4:15, this day we got out at 3:00- p.m. Not what I would consider "early bird getting the worm."


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Savage Ridicule Becomes Disbelief- Becomes a Double Bass Bonanza

While casting my normal presentations of swimbaits, spinners, and twitch baits, my partner pulls out this insanely offensive colored swim bait... As I start ridiculing him about the colors of this "beacon for the space shuttle," he casts toward the main lake, and after about 3 seconds, snap! I thought it was his line that broke, but no, it was the tip of his rod- after that I stopped laughing.

Is this bait right for you? Find out the gear you need to throw this lure right here.

I noticed the glow wobbling back and forth in the water getting brighter and brighter... then it happened... an honest, 7.5 pound largemouth smashed the bait.

Here I sit in complete awe, a huge bass swimming around with a bait that looks like its from a nuclear reservation and the tip of a rod hanging down on the line- I grab the net to get this beautiful fish in the boat for a picture, and that's when we both saw the second fish.

This fish is an honest 5 inches longer and much heavier (we figured it to be a 9 pound or possibly more).

So what's happening?

This fish of every northerner's dreams is trying to grab the swim bait out of the mouth of the original fish... Since this little outing, I've bought every style of Savage Gear lures I could find.

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"When the pike, muskies, and bass take these baits it's not like the normal thump that one is used to. They hit these baits hard, and then proceed to try to rip the rod from your hand"


The Savage Lure Color Scheme Just Stands Out

Savage Gear has an amazing color scheme that just seems to stand out from other baits, a bit more vibrant, but still a true color scheme. We carry the ducks and burbot here at our store in Coeur d' Alene.

I have seen many baits over the last 30 years I have been fishing, and these ducks and burbot are the best lures I have thrown- ever!


Savage Lures: Ducklings and Dangling Feet

The ducklings are one of the neatest Savage baits I've seen because of the feet- THE MAGIC IS IN THE FEET!!

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Instead of a rubber flapper or two skirts for feet, they use propellers for the feet, and let me tell you this, of all the prop baits on the water today, these are the best.

The faster you reel it, the more water sputters and it looks EXACTLY like a baby duckling flying across the water.


The Savage 3D Burbot Lure: Muskie and Pike

Now the burbot has all my attention this year. It is, in essence, an ten inch curley tail.
But a curley tail that swims side to side- MIND BLOWN!

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I bought the burbot literally one month ago and have, even on the coldest days, caught a few fish and had multiple pike and big bass chasing these baits. Now that the water has warmed up, I am chomping at the bit to get back out on my day off.

Are Savage Swimbaits right for you? Here's the Gear you Need to Fish these Lures

These lures aren't right for everyone. Why wouldn't you want to purchase Savage Lures? Here's a couple reasons:

1. These are big lures--you are going to need at least a 7', one piece, medium-heavy baitcast rod with at minimum 20/30 pound braided line... because if you catch a fish on the larger sizes of the Savage lures, that's how big that fish will be. If you don't have that set up, you can get the smaller sized, top water lures. That means don't buy the 10" burbot lure unless you know you can throw it. 

2. With the smaller Savage Lures, like, say, the 4" variety of the Savage Duck, you can use regular bass fishing gear--if we qualify "regular bass fishing gear" as being medium-light to medium rods/reel set ups. These smaller lures are the ones we sell the most of in our stores, and that's because for the average bass fisherman, that's what they are used to and what they throw the most of--

Caveat: If you already own a medium-heavy rod, you'll be able to throw all of these Savage Lures.

Click here to return to the reviews of the lures, or click here to purchase your Savage 3D Lures online.

NOTE: The rods that Jake Twardoski (the author of this review, and fishing fanatic out of our Coeur d'Alene store location) uses to fish these lures are as follows.

St. Croix Bassx series heavy rated for 1/2 -2 oz.
St. Croix Mojo series xtra heavy, rated for 1-4 oz.
Shimano Tekota 500
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Round Reel in 6501 or 6500 
Berkley Big Game in 30 pound test
Power Pro in 30 pound moss green

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