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Sock of the Month Sale: Darn Toughs

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Sock of the Month: Darn Tough Over-the-calf Work Socks

Hello out there to all my fellow North 40 shoppers (and others). I’ve been asked to “test” sock of the month, and so I thought, “Why not?”

These socks were designed to be worn with western boots, so they are over the calf and well built.

A little background on me… I was born and raised down around Billings, Montana and managed a ranch out there until the late 70’s. After that I was a bootmaker here in the Northwest, so I know about the anatomy of a foot, and the “hotspots” you sometimes get when you get into leather work boots. After many years in leather work and boot fabrication, I opted for a change and went into furniture repair. I have seen everything you can think of in my line of work, and this job takes me everywhere in and around Montana. I am on my feet all day, so comfort and functionality are paramount to me.

Darn Tough Work Socks: Fit & Smell

The pair I got to test is the Darn Tough over-the-calf work socks with light cushion. Gotta say I was more than impressed with the fit of these socks! The comfort of the Merino Wool is really quite something you need to experience, and they stay in place no matter if I’m wearing low cut shoes or my western boots.

I ran these socks through the gamut. And what they say about wool socks staying fresh… well it’s true, they stayed fresh. Find out why here.

I even kept them on for a couple days straight… and the natural anti-microbial properties of wool are no joke—they still smelled new after that long of a long run.

Darn Tough Work Socks: Cool? Yep.

The label on these socks said, “All Weather,” but it’s been hot all spring in Great Falls, and truthfully, the thought of wool, over the calf socks had me a little hesitant.

I’m a furniture repairman, and “wrestling” furniture in customers’ homes (some extremely warm) for repairs, I generate a lot of heat and the thought of sweaty feet was not something I was looking forward to… but these Darn Tough socks, they really worked in keeping my feet cool and dry—even when I was up and down and in and out of homes all day. I was genuinely surprised at how cool they were.

Do These Darn Toughs Make the Cut?

As a parting thought, I don’t often wear over-the-calf socks (but I really like these), I think if I’d had some socks like these to wear in my younger years I’d still have hair on my legs instead of rubbed off by my cowboy boots… so yes, these socks on sale are a great bargain.

Sure you might spend more up front, but, like all things, from furniture repair to new equipment for work, you won’t regret the extra, upfront investment… you can buy a bag of cotton socks for 5 bucks, but they’ll all be burned out before these ones even start to smell.

And if you want MORE incentive… All of our Darn Tough socks are made in America and come with a LIFETIME warranty, that means, if they wear out, you send them in and get a new pair. Easy as pie.

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