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What Fencing Tools Do I Need?

Get out and get to work! When it comes to fencing that’s a good place to start. With a little sweat equity, fencing sets boundaries. It keeps animals in and predators out. It can encompass entire ranches or just protect the vegetable patch in the backyard. Whatever it’s needed for, fencing has many uses. That’s why in our Fencing Section we make it easy and break it down for you.


To get started, you’ll need a good pair of gloves. Then, depending on the type of fence your installing, you may need a wire stretcher, post pounder, pliers and crimps.


Video Transcription

What Kind of Tools Do You Need for Fencing?

Good morning, my name's Chris. I work at the Great Falls North 40. Born and raised on a farm and ranch. I've worked at the Great Falls Farm Desk for several years. What kind of tools do you need when you're fencing?

Well, the most obvious thing and the thing you'll notice right away that you need is a good pair of gloves, especially if you're using barbed wire, it's real easy to poke or cut yourself. From there on it depends on what you're doing. Probably the most common thing would be a wire stretcher and fencing pliers.

What Types of Post Pounders Should I Use?

If you're pounding posts, of course, you'd need a post pounder whether it's just a manual one or a Titan or a Skidril motorized post pounder. Things have changed a little bit for splicing. We used to do the splices where we just did the two loops. Now a lot of guys like to use the grips or the crimps where you're putting them on the wire so then you'd need some crimps and the tool they use to bind the crimps together. That's it.


Thanks for watching. If you have any further questions on fencing, please come visit us at any of our retail locations or North40.com.

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