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Why Mountain Hardwear?

Having been working for North 40 for a while now, I’ve notice something. A lot of people associate us just as a Farm & Ranch store – with some hunting and fishing thrown in the mix. I find it kind of strange because, while we are a Farm & Ranch store and that is our main operation, we are a lot more than just that.

Actually, when it comes down to it, I would say we are more of a general Outdoors Store than anything else. We have everything from farm and ranch to hunting and fishing to home improvement to apparel to camping and hiking. As you can see, we are all over the place.

As this overall Outdoors Store, we also sell and are a part of a number of great companies that tailor to the outdoor lifestyle, whether that be on the ranch, on the river or in the mountains. A company that we are very glad to stock and support is Mountain Hardwear.

Memorial Day weekend camping at Mid Cannon on the Missouri River near Craig, MT. May 2015

Mountain Hardwear is a great company with a selection of gear that’s ready to take on the craziest of adventures. They’ve got gear and equipment for everything from skiing to hiking to mountain climbing to camping. And all of it is top notch. They put their best into everything they make to provide the best gear out there for all you crazy adventurers. But that’s not all that they do.

While they are a top line outdoor gear company, Mountain Hardwear is also very involved with the outdoor community. They support and are a part of a number of outdoor associations to better the communities they serve, seeking to help everyone from the climber to the nature lover.

Mountain Hardwear winter photo shoot. Great Falls, MT. November 2014

Just to name a few of their associations, they support the US Forest Service, donate to the American Alpine Club (AAC) as well as fund one of their explore grant, and are a member of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). Also, I’ve learned that they are getting ready to announce a major partnership with the National Parks soon.

This, along with their amazing mentality of getting outdoors and exploring, is why Mountain Hardwear is such a great fit with North 40.

Together, we can provide quality gear and support to all outdoor lovers while expanding this great outdoors lifestyle that we thrive on.

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