North 40 Blogs

North 40 Blogs

Welcome to North 40 Outfitters’ media collection, which is built for people—by people—who embrace an active lifestyle in the Northwest. These blogs, videos and images range in subject matter from beekeeping to brown trout, from chicken coops to spirit hoops, from grapevines to brow tines, from fish tails to hay bales, and from horse tack to dog mats... there’s something here for everyone. Pick your passion, click on a link, and dive into all that’s good in the Northwest.

North 40 Life Blog
North Forty Life

We wear the Northwest on our hats, boots, and sleeves. That’s because we’re the kind of people who dig right in, whether riding on a dusty cow trail, roping in an arena, branding with an iron, or simply canning our harvest and catch. Through videos and insightful articles and images, let our experts lead you to independent success. But don’t say we didn’t warn you: After visiting North 40 Life you may have to scrape a little mud off your heels.

North 40 Fish Blog
North 40 Fish

We don’t just fish the Northwest—we live and breathe fishing in the Northwest. And, at North 40 Fish our experts dole out a generous supply of hard-earned knowledge, ranging from news and killer product reviews, to seasonal tactics, and even videos detailing our greatest catches and how we got them. Salmon, trout, sturgeon... even walleye, bass, muskie and pike. If it swims, we chase. So climb aboard, take that swivel seat on the bow, and let us expedite your learning curve. When you log off of North 40 Fish, you may have to wipe a few scales off your hands.

North 40 Fly Shop Blog
North 40 Fly Shop

Everything fishy about Washington, Idaho and Montana, all in one place—hatch-matching tactics, fishing reports, river and lake guides, gear reviews, short films, interviews with experts, serious steelhead spey tactics, and a massive fly-tying video archive that makes the difference between a short strike and the best fish of your life. By the time you’ve fully perused North 40 Fly, you may feel like you’ve already waded in.

North 40 Hunt Blog
North 40 Hunt

We know what it’s like to have hiked into the high alpine, hoping to find a giant buck or a bugling bull, only to come up empty handed and dead tired. We also know what it’s like to still-hunt through the dense, wet brush for whitetail and blacktails, only to get soaking wet and shivering cold. But we also know that the hunt is never over. Whether you’re hunting strictly for meat, or you want big antlers to go along with your supply, you’ve come to the right place—North 40 Hunt, where we outfit you for success whether hunting birds, bulls, bucks, bears or any other specie you choose to pursue.