Our Story

Definition: North 40 Outfitters

This is “Our” Story – Your’s and Our’s.

We are the farmers, fishers, ranchers, pet lovers, recreationist, gardeners, hunters, and work force. In the mountains or in the field; love the experience. Get up early, and don’t wait on the weekends, you have right now. Inspire our community to try new things & adapt to the needs of the people, land, and animals. Respect is what engrains your place in our culture. We do what’s right when no one is watching. Teachers, lead, and leaders are developed with hard work. When you have the opportunity; pass it on. Do the things that allow you to experience yourself and the ones around you at a higher level. The people that learn to have the most fun always see the most success. We are here to make a difference in how we experience work and play.

North 40 Outfitters Story

Now…Let’s define a “Farm Store” Shall we?

Farm stores have served local communities for more than a century, and at one time what local communities needed was feed for their livestock, shovels to more the ground, and tools to keep their tractor and trucks running. Our local communities still need all those things today, and so we are going to be sure to give them the very best solutions for those very same needs. However, local communities have asked for even more from their farm stores. Work has evolved and will continue to evolve, and so has play. Our farm stores have evolved to be local product solution hubs that serve our communities work and play needs whether that’s in the country, the back country, or inside city limit lines.

North 40 Outfitters Farm Store

Moving Forward takes Courage.

We feel we live in a wonderland here in the Northwest. Even so, it’s surprisingly easy to get stuck in our ways. Probably the single thing that motivates us is to be an advocate to forward momentum, and we want to be a part of the inspiration that drives you and ourselves to try new things. We want to create a culture of never ending improvement and discovery. For us that often means the education of how to grow food or raise animals. It means that we are excited to provide the tools needed to engage a new person in to the world of fly fishing or archery.

If you’re still here, welcome to our tribe. We are made up of a ban of misfits, outsiders, disrupters, and adventurous, hardworking people who grind every day to beat up on the status quo.

We sum it all up and call it ”North 40 Life”

North 40 Outfitters Life

So, why join the North 40 Life?

Value is hard to find – but not when you look in the right places. The right place is here. Being a part of the North 40 Life means you’re signing up for valuable content, exclusive member only offers, exciting contests and giveaways, interactive social media, and a first look at the best news. The content we offer inspires and teaches, it appreciates the hard work all of us are made of. Being a part of the North 40 life means being a part of something valuable. The North 40 Life is more than a mantra or a philosophy- it’s a lifestyle, it’s also a community, one that wants to help enrich your life by offering you genuine content and authentic products that add to your story and make your work and play meaningful. All the things you need, with nothing you don’t – the North 40 Life is what you make it.