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How Do you Fix a Down Jacket?

There s many ways to patch a coat You can go with the farm-store fix and use Duct tape or Gorilla tape to fix a down jacket This is a time tested and a sure-fire way to get a quick fix But let s get a little deeper with it Check out our Gorilla section here Pinhole Puncture [read more]


8 Easy Do-It-Yourself Horse Hacks

Life hacking refers to any trick shortcut skill or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency in all walks of life It is anything that solves an everyday problem in an inspired ingenious manner Crush Pills Make Paste When you need to crush pills and make a paste for you horse try this instead [read more]


What do you Need? Starting Bees with North 40

This is one of the closest full-service starting bees resources you are going to find this year From the best bee areas and brood boxes and supers to suits and smokers this is it Well first you need a clean well-lighted place to put your bees Well-lighted is usually an indication of flowering plants necessary for bees who [read more]


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Tested By Locals: Vortex Optics

I have spent a fair amount of time in Sandpoint ID but mostly indoors at our Ponderay store location downtown City Beach and on Lake Pend Oreille always in awe of the mountain ranges I can t help but imagine the peaks rising above the last glacier and my imagination drifts off to a scene of a [read more]


Tested by Locals: Alpine Touch

What is the old saying If you can t do it blog about it There s not too many things in life that I am good at but I like to think I am pretty good at eating food Now if only I could cook My culinary ability rests somewhere between burning box mac and cheese and [read more]


Tested by Locals: Lincoln Electric Welders

Mastering the art of welding can be a rewarding and useful skill Things break and they need repaired around the ranch farm shop or home When it comes to metal repair welding has long been the reliable and standard solution But welding isn t something you just learn by reading a book or watching a few [read more]


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Missouri River Report 2.5.16

If you pick your days you can have a soulful winter outing on the Missouri River Jeff goes fishing any chance he can get On this day he was rocking his new Simms G4 Jacket Sage One Trout Spey and a Missouri River Brown I m guessing Mr Brown appreciated Jeff s Professional Grade ensemble[read more]


Redington Behemoth

January through March is an exciting time of year for those who work in the fly fishing industry New products are consistently arriving for us to play around with and do some research on One item that recently caught my attention is the Redington Behemoth It immediately captured my eyes one day when I wal[read more]


Okanogan River Report 02.01.16

Wish I could say it s been a hot time on the ole cold Okanogan river but sorry to say right now fishing has been almost as cold as the days have been I ve been out a couple of time lately with slow results Don t get me wrong I ve had a few grabs A cou[read more]