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This is North 40

We get asked a lot What is North 40 If you know who we are that s a difficult question to answer because we cover quite a few categories Our message Make a difference in how people experience work and play is truly our heartbeat here and if something comes up that doesn t live up to [read more]


Lake Pend Oreille Fishing

Fall fishing on Lake Pend Oreille is now in full swing Water temperatures are hovering around 49 degrees on the surface and the large Gerrard strain rainbow trout are looking for an easy meal Within the last 7 days there have been 6 rainbows over 20 pounds caught on the surface with the biggest around [read more]


Push it to the Mallard Limit

If I were to ask any avid waterfowl hunter what his or her dream limit of ducks is the response will more than likely be seven mature green heads In many parts of the country seven mallards is a regular occurrence for any hunter with a dozen decoys However most of us in the Panhandle [read more]


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Tested By Locals: Vortex Optics

I have spent a fair amount of time in Sandpoint ID but mostly indoors at our Ponderay store location downtown City Beach and on Lake Pend Oreille always in awe of the mountain ranges I can t help but imagine the peaks rising above the last glacier and my imagination drifts off to a scene of a [read more]


Tested by Locals: Alpine Touch

What is the old saying If you can t do it blog about it There s not too many things in life that I am good at but I like to think I am pretty good at eating food Now if only I could cook My culinary ability rests somewhere between burning box mac and cheese and [read more]


Tested by Locals: Lincoln Electric Welders

Mastering the art of welding can be a rewarding and useful skill Things break and they need repaired around the ranch farm shop or home When it comes to metal repair welding has long been the reliable and standard solution But welding isn t something you just learn by reading a book or watching a few [read more]


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Comparing Lamson to Lamson

I have noticed that without fail we always get customers looking to buy last minute gifts right before birthdays holidays or anniversaries Along with these customers come a ton of quickly asked questions in order to find the best fit for their significant other or wallet With Christmas around the corner I am often[read more]


Clark Fork River Report: 11.23.15

After hearing scattered reports on whether the browns were running up tributary streams to spawn Calvin James and I road tripped up the Clark Fork river to find out for ourselves With Calvin s ready jet boat at our disposal we could literally launch and fish any desired stream we wanted The weather was overcas[read more]


The Sultans of Swing

The witch of November came calling and she is leaving a seasonal change in her wake The high winds cold temps and snow are harbingers of the cold water season If you like swinging flies you are not crying about these cyclical changes You are thinking about making long easy casts and alternately warmin[read more]