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Gifts Under $25Gifts Under $25


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Recent Post

  • Nutrition Benefits of Hemp for Me and My Horse

    Nutrition Benefits of Hemp for Me and My Horse

    The versatility of hemp extends beyond the many industrial uses or components of the plant. Hemp is a nutritious food that is not only a desirable for humans, but is a superior option to corn or soy ingredients for horses as well.


    The Seeds

    Hemp seeds, found in the hemp plant after the flowers die off, are packed with nutrition. High in protein and healthy fats, the seeds contain several other benefits including calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.

    Humans and horses alike need healthy fatty acids that can only be found in food. These fatty acids cannot be produced in the body and must be consumed. For humans and horses, hemp oil contains a healthy balance of omega-6 to omega-3; if horses consume enough omega-3, however, their bodies can

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  • Why You Should Feed Your Horse Hemp

    Why You Should Feed Your Horse Hemp

    When horses are fed hemp, they are provided with a variety of nutrients and health benefits. Whether the horses are being fed hemp oil, hemp seeds, or hemp protein, they are gaining healthy fats, nutrients, and essential fatty acids.

    One benefit hemp oil provides is moisturizing qualities; it improves the skin health of horses. Hemp oil helps the skin to be healthy, nourished, and healing to skin conditions that may be present.

    Along with benefiting the skin, hemp oil also improves the coat of the horse, namely through the essential fatty acids it contains. These fatty acids are essential and must be obtained by a food source. With the healthy balance of omega-6 and omega-3 that hemp products provide, horses’ coat luster is improved.

    Because hemp contains healthy fats and protein, hemp products also help horses with d

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  • Nine Things You Need to Know About Hemp

    Nine Things You Need to Know About Hemp

    What is Hemp?

    Cannabis sativa L. is the genus of plant for both hemp and marijuana. Hemp is used for many industrial purposes, including grain, fiber, oil, and CBD, while marijuana is used medicinally and recreationally. 

    Does Hemp Contain THC?

    The hemp plant contains extremely low levels of THC, or delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the component of marijuana that makes humans, and animals, high. The amount of THC detected in hemp is so low (less than 0.3 percent) that it eliminates any possibility of psychoactive effects from consuming hemp product.

    Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp

    Marijuana, within the same genus of plant as hemp, contains THC. Because of this, it is used for certain medical conditions as well as for recreation and for its psychoactive

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Fencing Blogs

  • How Far Apart Should Fence Posts Be?

    How Far Apart Should Fence Posts Be?

    When it comes to spacing out fence posts, there is an easy way (eyeball it and guess) and there is a better way. In the article below we explain what a rod measurement is and how far apart you should space fence posts.

    What Is a "Rod" Measurement In Fencing?

    On the American prairie where fences were constructed of posts and wire, farmers would place fence posts a "rod" (16.5 feet) apart.

    In addition to being about the right distance to support a wire fence, this helped early farmers and ranchers quickly estimate the number of posts needed (80 rods is a quarter mile).


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  • How Much Does Fencing Cost?

    How Much Does Fencing Cost?

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  • What is the Difference Between High Tensile and Low Carbon Fencing?

    What is the Difference Between High Tensile and Low Carbon Fencing?

    Get out and get to work! When it comes to fencing that’s a good place to start. With a little sweat equity, fencing sets boundaries. It keeps animals in and predators out. It can encompass entire ranches or just protect the vegetable patch in the backyard. Whatever it’s needed for, fencing has many uses. That’s why in our Fencing Section we make it easy and break it down for you.

    In this guide, we’ll answer questions like what type of fence is best for your animals while explaining what tools you’ll need to get the job done. And, we’ll tackle topics such as spacing and cost. It’s more doable than you think. You’ve got this and we can help.

    High tensile fencing products are stronger, lighter, longer lasting,

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