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Feeders & Waterers

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Recent Post

  • Which Chicken Breeds Should I Start With and Why?

    Which Chicken Breeds Should I Start With and Why?

    Which Chicken Breeds Should I Start With and WhyWhich Chicken Breeds Should I Start With and Why

    Which Chicken Breeds Should I Start With and Why?

    Breeds and Broods

    In this blog, we will explore a few breeds of chickens that are commonly raised by homesteaders and farmers alike. The following covers these breeds in some

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  • Beekeeping for Beginners - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    Beekeeping - Frequently Asked Questions

    Thinking about Beekeeping? Common FAQs of Beginner Beekeepers.

    You’ve thought about it and you’ve contemplated it, but still you’re not sure if you want to raise bees.

    There are two types of beekeepers: those who jump right into beekeeping and figure a way to make it work, and the second type; those who are more cautious about the hobby and want to learn everything they can before taking the leap.

    Regardless of which category you fall in, we are committed to bringing you the most information possible so you can make an educated decision that is right for you.

    Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for those wanting to start beekeeping.

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  • New Bee Hive & Queen Installation and Setup for Beginners

    Beekeeping - Setup & Installation

    Setting Up a Hive

    • Choose a site that is away from high-traffic, work, or play areas.

    • Face the entrance of the hive away from winds that commonly blow; facing southeast if possible for maximum sun.

    • Provide an additional water source. (bucket, fountain, bird bath, etc).

    • Make sure the hive is at least 12-14” off of the ground to help with any rainwater, snowfall, or predators. A Hive Stand is ideal for this.

    • Place your Bottom Board on top of the Stand.

    • Set one Hive Body Box with nine frames & foundations using the In-Hive Feeder for the tenth frame, set squarely on top of the Bottom Board.

    • Place the Inner Cover squarely on top of

    Read more

Fencing Blogs

  • How Far Apart Should Fence Posts Be?

    How Far Apart Should Fence Posts Be?

    When it comes to spacing out fence posts, there is an easy way (eyeball it and guess) and there is a better way. In the article below we explain what a rod measurement is and how far apart you should space fence posts.

    What Is a "Rod" Measurement In Fencing?

    On the American prairie where fences were constructed of posts and wire, farmers would place fence posts a "rod" (16.5 feet) apart.

    In addition to being about the right distance to support a wire fence, this helped early farmers and ranchers quickly estimate the number of posts needed (80 rods is a quarter mile).


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  • How Much Does Fencing Cost?

    How Much Does Fencing Cost?

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  • What is the Difference Between High Tensile and Low Carbon Fencing?

    What is the Difference Between High Tensile and Low Carbon Fencing?

    Get out and get to work! When it comes to fencing that’s a good place to start. With a little sweat equity, fencing sets boundaries. It keeps animals in and predators out. It can encompass entire ranches or just protect the vegetable patch in the backyard. Whatever it’s needed for, fencing has many uses. That’s why in our Fencing Section we make it easy and break it down for you.

    In this guide, we’ll answer questions like what type of fence is best for your animals while explaining what tools you’ll need to get the job done. And, we’ll tackle topics such as spacing and cost. It’s more doable than you think. You’ve got this and we can help.

    High tensile fencing products are stronger, lighter, longer lasting,

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