What do I Need to Get Started Processing my Own Game?

Processing your own game is an enjoyable, practical, and cost-effective way to bring your hunt full circle. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction that you’ve been able to control every step of the process from; choosing your seasonings, to controlling the portions, to being certain that your meat -is your meat. And, not to mention, you are defiantly saving yourself the expense of sending your game to the butcher. (There are no extra costs here for add-ons like summer sausage or jerky.)


Processing your own game is easy but you will need a few tools to get started such as; a clean cutting surface, a grinder, a sharp knife, and a way to sharpen your knife. In this video, we explain the tools you’ll need plus, we’ll help you figure out how big of a meat grinder you should use and what type of knife is best for game processing.


Video Transcription

What You Need to Get Started Processing Your Own Game

Hey guys. Here's what you're gonna need to get started processing your own game.


One of the first things you're gonna need is a clean cutting service. You're gonna need a grinder, you're gonna need a sharp knife and a way to sharpen that knife. A receptacle for your meat and a simple kitchen bowl to grind into. And then a way to package your meat, whether you're packaging hamburgers, steaks, whatever you're putting in the freezer, vac seal or freezer paper.


How Big of a Grinder do you Need?

I guess the next question is, "How big of a grinder do I need?" Well, grinders are generally rated on how many pounds of meat per minute it'll grind. Some of the small, electric countertop models may only grind two to three pounds per minute, to where a three-quarter horse like this will actually grind up to nine pounds a minute. A one horse, a horse and a half, can grind up to 16 to 17 pounds a minute. It's all gonna depend on how much time the butcher wants to dedicate to the grinding process. A big elk, this particular grinder can handle the job, the countertop model you might be there a long time and it's gonna really work the unit.


The bigger the grinder, the faster the job. The downside to the bigger the grinder, the price goes up.


Knives for Boning and Processing Game

For boning and processing game, really any knife will work but in reality, a six or seven-inch knife with a flexible to semi-flexible blade works great. Takes an edge easy. Preferably a fixed blade 'cause it cleans a lot easier than what a folding knife does.


Thanks for watching. If you have any further questions on game processing or any of the equipment we talked about today, please come visit us at any of our retail locations or North40.com.