How To Get More Birds To Your Bird Feeder In Winter


Winter here in the Northwest is hard on everyone even the birds.

If you are an adamant bird watcher, amateur birder or just like to see a little activity outside your window during the deep cold, then you'll know having a bird feeder is a great way to insure you keep a lively line of wildlife flitting through your backyard to break up the bleak winter white.

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How do birds stay warm? They eat more food to build up fat stores and keep themselves warm.

You can help your backyard birds stay warm we've got a few local tips for you to keep your birds fat and happy through the winter months.

Five Steps to Get More Birds to the Bird Feeder this Winter

  1. Keep your feeders full and stock with high calorie seeds like Black Oil Sunflower or suet cakes as these pack a high caloric punch and will keep the birds warm through the night.
  2. Some species of birds are ground feeders, so shovel the snow out from UNDER the bird feeder as well as off the feeder itself. You can try a raised platform for ground feeding birds as well to keep food visible. Also select a high capacity feeder in case you can't make it out to refill during the cold snaps.
  3. Be sure to keep ice and other obstructions off bird feeders and clear immediately after storms if possible as birds need to replenish calories after weathering storms.
  4. Also, when placing your feeders, be sure to put in a sheltered area so birds will be more likely to take shelter around your feeders during the snows.
  5. You can be proactive this winter and buy a baffle for your bird feeder this will keep the snow off the ports and make it easier to keep your backyard friends in the feed through the winter snows.

The short dark days of winter can be tough, but winter bird watching and bird feeding is one way to brighten up the winter. One of my favorite winter birds is the chickadee.