How to Make Game Processing Easier? Tips and Tricks

Processing your own game is an enjoyable, practical, and cost-effective way to bring your hunt full circle. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction that you’ve been able to control every step of the process from; choosing your seasonings, to controlling the portions, to being certain that your meat -is your meat. And, not to mention, you are defiantly saving yourself the expense of sending your game to the butcher. (There are no extra costs here for add-ons like summer sausage or jerky.)


From adjusting the table height to using heaters to keep your hands warm, there are many tips and tricks that make game processing easier. In this video, we share our game processing techniques to make the job a whole lot easier, faster, and more efficient.


Video Transcription

Tips and Tricks for Processing Game

Here's some tips and tricks to make processing your game easier. The first thing we're going to talk about is height of your cutting surface. Ideally, this table would be about eight inches taller, anything about waist level so you're not bent over, and then if it's taller it really relieves back fatigue if you're working for an hour or two on your meat.


Tools for Cutting

Another thing that I'd like to talk about is cutting surface. Ideally, a good poly cutting board is great. It's easy to clean and it doesn't dull your knives. Another tip is to always work with a razor-sharp knife. There are several different sharpeners on the market, from simple pull-through style sharpeners to butcher steels that make quick work and put a quick edge on a knife, to some high-end electric sharpeners as well.


Keeping Your Work Area Clean

Another tip is to keep your work surface clean and how to clean up afterwards. A great thing to have with you at all times is a bowl or a bucket of hot soapy water with a touch of bleach. It'll keep your workstation sanitized and keep your knives clean. Another tip for easy clean up is to wear simple rubber gloves when you're processing and cutting your animal. It makes cleanup so much easier to peel your gloves off, throw them in the garbage, and you can walk in and out of the door without the wife killing you.


Working in Different Environments

Another tip, if you're working in an outdoor environment, if you're in the garage, if you're on your back tailgate, if you're at the buck pole skinning your deer is to have some sort of heat source. A simple propane heater will make your life so much easier when you're working with cold meat to be able to keep your fingers warm.


Thanks for watching. If you have any further questions on game processing or any of the equipment we talked about today, please come visit us at any of our retail locations, or