Fall Recipes: How to Make Game Day Meatballs?

Best Game Day Meatballs Made Easy

Making meatballs is easier than you think. Watch and learn as we share our best tips for making mouthwatering game day meatballs.

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Ben with Discount Meats. I'm here today with North 40 Outfitters to show you guys a quick little recipe for game day meatballs. Something you guys can do at your tailgaters or in your living room at home while you're watching whatever game or races that are on TV on your special day.

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Best Game Day Meatballs 

So we're going to just start off with the meatball section. Pretty simple recipe. Take one pound ground beef. We usually like to use a 85/15 mixture just to get that awesome flavor in there. It takes one beaten egg. Dump that on in there. Parsley. Worcestershire sauce. This is some alpine touch seasoning. You can use salt or pepper. Whatever your preference is. You can use one onion, small onion, minced. I'm going to add some in here. Go with that, see what that looks like. Some breadcrumbs. And then we're going to hand mix this up so it's all evenly mixed.

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Oven, Grill, Smoker...

All right, this is looking pretty good now that we've got this all mixed up. We got to make these into meatballs now. You're getting roughly get about 30 of them. So you can get a parchment paper and lay them out on a cookie sheet and start making your meatballs. When you're making your meatballs, you want them to be consistent. So whatever you cook them in, if you want to do these on a sheet of tinfoil on the barbecue at the tailgater or in your home oven, put them in the smoker, you just want to make sure that they're consistently in size. When I said about approximately 30 meatballs on this recipe, it's going to be about one inch, as you can see. Just about the size of a ping pong ball.

                So now that we've got our meatballs made up, we'd thrown them on the grill, oven, smoker, et cetera. We just want to make sure that a rule of thumb would be 350 degrees cooked all the way through. So about 12 to 15 minutes for the meatball. So if those were cooking away, we would make up a simple sauce to put on and keep the meatballs in and make them real tasty. You can use a thick ketchup here. That usually is what I use, because I don't like a runnier sauce. I want something that really coats the meatballs. So we're going to use ketchup here, thick ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and some brown sugar. Kind of mix all that up. And if you don't want to make this sauce, that's fine. You can save all the ease and go get yourself some Alpine Touch barbecue sauce. It's delicious. So you just mix that up, throw this on the burner, just heat thoroughly, mix it up, and then add your meatballs on in the sauce and just make sure they're thoroughly heated all the way through and serve with cocktail sticks, and you'll have a delicious game day recipe.

                And I hope this will be a quick treat for your family and friends to get together and eat on game day. Please call Discount Meats if there are any meat questions, or go to North40.com and check out their stores in person.

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